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Our Christian institutions help us to define our world.  We create them, and we work within them.  Here's some excellent examples:

God and Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms
God's Place in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Canada's Christian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
How Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created by Christian thinkers and leaders

Marriage: The Elusive Altar
How Christian marriage offers real help to our children especially after they finish high school

No Fault Divorce - A Canadian Institution?
What Effect does No Fault Divorce have on Children?

Christian Higher Education: It Helps Our Kids
Our Christian forefathers assembled a system of universities to help our children continue learning - but their success depends on their acquisition and understanding of religious truth.

The Family: No Father = No Faith
A statistical analysis of church-goers in Switzerland showed that a family's faith is stronger if the father attends church with his family; their faith is dramatically less if only the mother attends church with the family

What is "Social Conscience" in action?
Christians are often motivated by their "social conscience".  What is it, and how does it work?

Fatherless Kids: What Happens?
A fatherless family may be simpler - but is there a downside?

Rediscovering the Sabbath
Getting away from the Blackberry (or the iPhone)(or the Android!)

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Today's News:

The Latest Christian Headlines!

Who Is Jesus?

Wikipedia rolls up its sleeves and dives right in!

Can Atheists be as Moral as Christians?

Huffington Post UK reports on British attitudes toward religion.

What Really Gets to Men

A fascinating 75-year-long Harvard study of what affects men the most

Are Church People Less Depressed?

Startling conclusions of a group of psychiatric researchers in Saskatchewan

Just in! More God = Less Crime!

University research shows that Sunday School attendance reduces crime dramatically!

Breaking News! Christian Universities get Top Grades!

Globe and Mail Report shows that Christian universities are #1 amongst colleges across Canada!

United Church Responds

Militant Atheists Prompt Response from the United Church!

Is Life Better with God?

University academics bring new proofs to this old debate

Lost . . . and Found?

BC Teen Challenge reaches out with a helping hand to the hopelessly lost

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